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Federal Budget Cuts and Training

The sequester bite is taking a toll on government programs.  According to the NY Times the sequester is temporarily changing the way the government does business.

One example is pulling out of an international space conference held in the US. Read more

A Whale of a Controversy

SeaWorld didn’t wait to fight back against a documentary film released today that claims whales in captivity suffer physical and mental stress because of confinement. The park’s entertainment division pre-emptively sent a rebuttal to 50 movie critics a week before the movie was to premiere. Read more

Red Flags Over The NFL

The NFL can’t win for losing:

·         Last February 4 we posted an item on this blog taking the National Football League to task for failing to communicate promptly with the media and the public when the lights went out in the New Orleans Superdome in the middle of the Superbowl. Read more