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CommCore’s Survey Results on Crisis in 2016 as Quoted in Quality Assurance Magazine


“A recent survey conducted by CommCore showed that many industries will continue to be under fire in 2016 and beyond. The survey was titled: “From Tylenol to the Latest Cyber Attacks, 30 Years of Media and Crisis Coaching.” The questions focused on how media and crisis communication prep has changed over time, what have been the biggest influencers of that change, and where we see the future shaping up.”

The entire article can be found in QA magazine. Read more

CAPping 30 Years in Business: Lessons from an Ongoing Successful Run

CommCore’s 30th anniversary provides an opportunity to reflect on what has made our companya success – starting in a New York City apartment, now with offices in Washington, NY, Dallas, Los Angeles and consulting assignments on all continents except Australia and Antarctica.
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Survey: From Tylenol to the Latest Cyber-Attack- 30th Anniversary

In honor of CommCore’s 30th Anniversary,  we invite you take this brief survey that explores the past and future of media and crisis coaching. Your responses are important in seeing how our training has affected your view of the media and your preparedness in certain situations.

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Cold Dead Fish and Airline Safety

How popular would sushi be if its menu description was “cold, dead fish”?

The challenge in message development, especially for an issue or product that you see all the time, is to make it interesting and memorable. Read more

Missing the Target? When Marketing Causes a PR Headache

The following post is by Summer Intern: Samantha Blumberg,

Seems as if retailers’ marketing tactics are causing a lot of PR headaches of late.

First it was Amazon getting blowback recently over their Prime Day promotion that industry observers and customers criticized as a “crappy yard sale” in articles and on social media. Read more

Reddit Says “Good Riddance to Pao.” Now What?


Photo Source: Twitter

As CommCore’s Nick Peters noted in our video blog, What Were They Thinking, Reddit’s interim CEO Ellen Pao took harsh criticism for a host of management actions and changes that culminated in her firing of the well-liked Victoria Taylor who ran the website’s popular discussion forum: Ask Me Anything.  Read more

Owning the Room: Take Ownership of Yourself First

Changes at work we recognize:

·     You have been promoted to a position of authority after years as a behind-the-scenes worker bee

·     You have switched jobs as a manager at a non-profit with a laid back atmosphere to a leadership role at a fast-paced corporation

·     Your boss – who usually runs staff meetings and makes decisions – is absent and for the first time and has tapped you to take his or her place in charge

How well you handle such changes requires changing how you are perceived by others. Read more

MLK: ‘I Have a Dream’: A Half-Century Later, Still the Greatest Speech of the Century

It will come as no surprise  that Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech delivered 50 years ago this week has been ranked number 1 among all famous speeches of the past century. 
As we reflect on his iconic, emotional and moving words we discover some interesting facts from a professional communications perspective.  For instance, the ‘dream’ phrase had been used in a speech Dr. Read more

What NOT to Assume About Controversial Quotes

Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries’ comments in an interview about how he doesn’t want plus-sized girls and “losers” shopping in his stores has angered a lot of people, particularly moms.
From a communications perspective, it is a great example and reminder about the permanence of public comments.  After all, Jefferies made these comments 7 years ago in a 2006 interview with Salon Magazine. Read more