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Five Tips to Prepare for a Presentation

Whether you’re preparing for a speech, presenting at an industry conference, or briefing a smaller group of co-workers or superiors, here are CommCore’s tips for nailing your next event;Presentation

  • Know your audience by assessing in advance what their needs are
  • State your goals and objectives up front
  • Make eye contact, and control your gestures and posture
  • Don’t clutter your PowerPoint with too many graphics
  • Listen carefully to your audience when they ask questions

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Your 2017 Communications Tips!

The year 2016 may not be too far behind us just yet, but here at CommCore we have a few quick tips to keep you on the right track for 2017. Read more

Tips for Effective Storytelling

Out with the long, drawn-out stories; in with the short, and straight-to-the-point storytelling.

Successful spokespeople know how to make their points in a clear, concise and confident manner. At CommCore we teach storyour clients that the best way to get through to your audience is through storytelling.   Read more

Social Media Do’s & Don’ts

From corporations, to brands, to celebrities and even pets, everyone seems to be connected through some type of social media platform. But just like anysocialmedia
other tool social media has its pros and cons. Read more