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F-bombs, four letter words, and other profanity are popping up much more frequently in the media these days. The standards of what is acceptable — on cable, YouTube and movies – is evolving.  (Profanity on “over the air” TV and radio is still regulated by the FCC.  But even these restrictions are now in question following the 8-0 Supreme Court decision in favor of broadcasters who received fines from the FCC for indecency.) CommCore’s question: Are F-Bombs and other words as acceptable in the workplace or other professional environments? Read more

What David Stern Can Learn From Bryce Harper

Hackles were up everywhere after sports/talk host Jim Rome asked National Basketball Association Commissioner David Stern on Wednesday if the NBA Lottery was fixed. Stern’s retort – after scolding Rome for asking the question in the first place – was to ask Rome, “Have you stopped beating your wife yet?”

Rome has made a reputation as a broadcaster provocateur who pushes buttons; the powerful Stern remains a polarizing figure of his own in the professional sports world, and reaction to his shot at Rome has been largely negative. Read more

Don’t Give Them The Finger

When it comes to crisis response, TV and Social Media can be either friend or foe. It all depends on how you handle it.
Consider what is called the Letterman-Leno Syndrome – when an incident that puts your brand at risk becomes fodder for network TV comedy monologues or skits. Read more

All-Time Tweet Twits

It’s hardly news that Twitter gaffes are a professional communicator’s nightmare. Once posted, it’s impossible to recall your tweet and pretend it never happened. We all know intuitively that brand and personal reputation damage is difficult to repair once your “mistake” has gone viral. Read more

How To Ideas from Business Week

One of the more fun magazine reads is the current “How to” issue of Business Week .  There are plenty of short take ideas on how to admit a mistake by an NFL referee, how to talk to a Republican (by a Democrat) or how to talk to a Democrat (by a Republican). Read more

Protecting the NFL Brand

If you follow the NFL, the news of the day is the one-year suspension and fine of New Orleans Head Coach Sean Payton for his involvement in the now-famous bounty program as well as the indefinite suspension of Greg Williams, the defensive coach who concocted the scheme.  Over a three-year period, Saints players were paid extra for targeting and in some cases injuring opposing players during football games. Read more