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On Penwomanship

Four years ago it was Motrin-gate – the argument over whether Johnson & Johnson over-reacted when it pulled a Motrin ad campaign aimed at relieving the back pain suffered by Moms who carry their babies in a sling. Read more

Getting to Yes

News of the death of Roger Fisher, one of the authors of Getting to Yes, reminds us to thank him and his co-authors William Ury and Bruce Patton for one of the best business/life books I’ve ever read.   Its message and approach to negotiations is quite simple and direct.  First the authors talk about “principled negotiations.”  Second, the approach is based on four propositions:
  • Separate the people from the problem
  • Focus on interests, not positions
  • Invent options for mutual gain
  • Insist on using objective criteria
I keep trying to find better books on the subject, but always return to this text.  We would be better off if more people in the public and private sectors subscribed to its principles. 
If you haven’t read Getting to Yes, put it on the must read list.  If you have read the book, you know it’s one of the good friends in the library.
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You Don’t Know Jack

Generally cease-and-desist letters are not pleasant, to put it mildly. Lawyers tend to write them with the intent of scaring an alleged offender into altering this or that action. “Change what you’re doing, or we’re coming after you, etc.”

Jack Daniels, the iconic sour mash whiskey distiller and long-standing proud corporate citizen of Louisville, KY, surprisingly opted for a gentler approach when it found out that a local self-published author Patrick Wensink had illegally co-opted its well-known brand design for a book cover. Read more

A New “Tobacco Moment”

When a respected publication like The Economist proclaims a scandal as global finance’s “tobacco moment,” you know it’s not referring to your average PR-crisis. The furor over Barclays’ alleged LIBOR interest rate fixing is not likely to go away anytime soon for two reasons, both of which should give finance execs pause:

•    Experts agree that Barclays represents only the tip of the iceberg. Read more