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What Makes a Leader

May-June produces the annual crop of graduations speeches. I had the pleasure to listen to former President Clinton at the New York University graduation at Yankee Stadium on May 18th.  Clinton, as always is interesting and provocative. Read more

Not Every Brain Can Storm

Brainstorming sessions are critical to the success of any business or business unit seeking to grow and attract new audiences and customers. But, if run poorly, these sessions can be “useless,” according to an article in Chief Executive Magazine. Read more

Lessons for Business Leaders from the Massachusetts Election

The talking heads and columnists will analyze/spin the politics behind the Massachusetts upset by Scott Brown (R) over Martha Coakley (D) for Teddy Kennedy’s U.S. Senate seat.

At CommCore, we think there’s a lesson or two for business leaders in all this: First, know your customer. Read more