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Tips for Connecting with your Audience

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Before any internal or external presentation you should have an idea of what your audience wants out of it. Ask yourself about the purpose of your presentation, and if it fits the audience’s wants. Read more

5 Communication Tips for a Successful Internship

CommCore InternshipsBy: Megan Ward, Assistant Account Manager


1.  Make sure that you establish your goals BEFORE you start the internship.

Once you start your internship it’s important to find a time to sit down with your supervisor to figure out what is expected of you, what your daily responsibilities are, what goals you want to accomplish, and who you are to report to daily. Read more

The Power of a Good Metaphor

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Few issues are as complex and incendiary as those affecting relations between the U.S. and Mexico, principally disagreements over border security, immigration policy, and free trade agreements. The political paralysis in Washington and throughout the country on these issues is real, with the public, politicians and special interests lined up strongly on both sides. Read more