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Speechwriting Tips from CommCore

Speechwriting takes place in one of only two scenarios – you write the speech for yourself, or a speechwriter writes it for you.

In either case, following some simple best practice rules can eliminate basic speechwriting mistakes. At CommCore we’ve devised a few quick tips to help you avoid making some of the most frequent mistakes when writing your next speech:

  • If you are writing for another speaker, match his or her vocal pace and tone. Watch videos of prior speeches before writing. Or better yet, be part of the audience at a live speaking opportunity so you can gauge his or her timing, elocution, phrasing and presence.
  • In either scenario, remember that you are not writing an essay. Run-on sentences may cause the speaker to stumble, lose breath, or lose the point of what they are trying to say.
  • Be sure that the speech fits the available time. Read it aloud to yourself, allowing for pauses.
  • Research the audience and their interest. You don’t want to write a speech they won’t listen to, or a topic they don’t care about.
  • The audience are people too. This means that they also have emotions and your speech needs to include ethos, especially if there’s an action item that you want them to walk away with.
  • Be wary of trying to convey too many thoughts in your speech. Tackle three key messages and reiterate them throughout your speech; one of them is bound to stick!

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