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Social Media Do’s & Don’ts

From corporations, to brands, to celebrities and even pets, everyone seems to be connected through some type of social media platform. But just like anysocialmedia
other tool social media has its pros and cons. We’ve gathered a few tips for posting content to either your personal, business or company online profiles.


  • Use all channels including video, audio, photos, slide sharing, blogs and social networks
  • Ask open-ended questions that engage target communities and generate dialogue
  • Cross promote across platforms and use trending tags
  • Craft posts that are current, immediate and relevant
  • Post, tweet and engage often, but not excessively so as not to annoy your followers with an overflow of content


  • Don’t delete negative comments. Refusing to acknowledge a comment or completely deleting it may upset your follower and cause them to become even more antagonistic
  • Don’t respond with an automated message/tweet – this dehumanizes your message/brand
  • Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want others to see or remember in the future – protecting your brand and image are priority #1
  • Don’t post first drafts of your work – be sure to get a second opinion and proofread more than once
  • Don’t post content that may be offensive to your followers/clients – always exercise proper internet etiquette