Media Training

When a reporter calls about a story, odds are you will be quoted. But will it be the quote you want? CommCore’s media skills workshops focus on preparing clients on giving reporters what they need: the facts, accurate and interesting information, and quotable “sound bites.” Bottom line: We teach participants how to take control of media interviews.

We can move a spokesperson from being a name in a media database to a source for reporters and analysts. We counsel on proactive media interviews as well as sensitive issues in responding to a crisis. Our workshops combine instruction with on-camera exercises and critique.

CommCore’s proprietary media training modules include:

By the end of the program, participants will know:

  • How to work with the PR team to set up an interview, i.e. questions to ask, materials to prepare
  • How to develop quotable messages and sound bites
  • How to field difficult questions and bridge to positive answers
  • Questions you do not need to answer
  • How to develop better relationships with the media

On-camera exercises simulate the most common interview scenarios:

  • Taped/Live
  • Investigative reports
  • Print
  • Satellite
  • Social Media
  • Telephone interviews
  • Product Launch
  • Radio call-in shows
  • Trade show interviews
  • Press conferences

CommCore customizes Media Skills programs for one-on-one’s, small group workshops, and interactive lectures for larger audiences. Programs are provided in multiple languages.