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Recipe for Success? One person’s tale.

There is no set receipt for success. From experience and all our years of coaching at CommCore, we believe it’s a combination of talent, learning, inspiring teachers and attitude.

I do not make many recommendations for books and must-listen to’s.  I am touting the new memoir of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, My Beloved World (Random House, 2013). You can also listen to the Justice on NPR as interviewed by Nina Totenberg.

Justice Sotomayor is the first Latino to be confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice.  Her story is both unique and a classic American success story. She overcame many obstacles including family issues, a less than privileged early education and ethnic prejudice.  What comes across is an image of a striver, a positive person who when faced with a challenge tackled it head on.

Form your own views on her judicial philosophy and decisions.  But if you want a little inspiration, listen to the Judge.