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OMG! Private Rants Are Public

One of the more recent viral internet events involves the leaked email rant from a University of Maryland sorority sister.  The profane-laced letter quickly went global and is now one of the more popular memes (move over grumpy cat) spawning photos, hilarious videos, and chatter.
It seems that Millennials are no different when it comes to underestimating the viral power of the internet.  A Google search today of “leaked emails” turns up pages of examples from Matt Lauer to Wal-Mart
In the “old days”- ten years ago, we always stressed to our clients that anything said in public could end up in the Wall Street Journal.  Now it’s more important than ever to understand that any form of communications: from panel discussions at a conference, to a company email, or a personal tweet can pick up momentum and roll through the internet at the speed of fiber optic light.  
 It’s a safe bet that the author of the now famous sorority rant never imagined that her email would be the subject of a dramatic reading on Funny or Die.