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Now That’s Creative: The Facebook ® Cartoon Job Resume

We all know how hard it is to stand out from the hordes when applying for a coveted job.
Capitol Hill staffer Adrian Sferle is standing head and shoulders above others trying to get in to Facebook with a Facebook cartoon resume.  And the dude is going viral.

I learned about this creative effort via a friend’s Facebook posting. Now I’m letting my circle know.  Don’t know yet what the FB folks are doing about this. Stay tuned.

Which brings me to a few thoughts on how to stand out from the crowd when applying for a job.  I’ll mix in a couple of standard ones with creative efforts we’ve seen.

  1. Do your homework on the company.  I’m always impressed when someone actually knows what we do.
  2. Don’t LIE on your resume.  Someday, somehow the employer – or someone outside the company – will figure out either the truth or your level of competency
  3. Creativity does help.  If the FB cartoon isn’t for you, how about a Flip camera message to the employer you really want to work with?
  4. Dress appropriately for the interview. We’ve traveled a long way from the days when wrinkled-out-of-the -pants shirts were “de rigeur.”  It’s a buyer’s market these days, not a seller’s. Be the best-dressed person in the room.
  5. Find a reference who will say something substantive. 
  6. Thank you notes and emails still make a difference.

What’s the most creative job applicant/resume you’ve seen?