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“Mind Map” Your Way to Communicating Effectively

The last time you combed through a thick FAQ document, were you able to find your key talking points easily? Probably not.

That’s why a simple and useful organizational technique called a mind map is a perfect tool for communicators. Long a staple in the complex world of tech education, mind mapping is one of several long-standing tech trends increasingly being applied to organizational training programs.


We at CommCore have been using mind-mapping for years as a communications tool. These “at-a-glance” maps make it easy for a speaker to review a wide range of options when preparing for an interview, presentation or Q&A:

  • Identify your target and secondary audiencesImage result for mind map
  • Select  key issues that need to be addressed
  • Connect core and secondary messages and stories with specific audiences and issues
  • Highlight potential traps
  • Locate safe “landing zones” when bridging from challenging Q&A

Our clients repeatedly tell us mind-mapping is one of their most useful takeaways from our training.