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Linked-Out! LinkedIn Data Breach: Response Must Be Quick, Often and Communicate Action

In the world of cyber vulnerabilities, LinkedIn is the latest company to learn that there are two types of organizations in the world: Those who know they’ve been hacked and those that have been hacked and don’t know it. You can build and maintain the most sophisticated security system the world has to offer, but guess what? It’s like the maxim about door locks. There’s no lock that can’t be picked.

So, as Jack Welch would say, hurry up and get over the fact that you have a crisis and start acting to resolve it and save your reputation.

As social media crisis blogger Melissa Agnes points out – organizations going through what LinkedIn is facing have to communicate immediately and often. Even in a fluid situation where much of the facts are still unknown and your solution is developing – at least say ‘we are working to resolve the problem.’

We agree and emphasize you must communicate action! Tell us what you are doing about it. Bore us with the steps that are necessary to execute the solution and impress us with how prepared you were for this inevitability. It doesn’t hurt to remind us that the protection of our information is paramount to you. But, the more action you communicate, the better chance that you will be the source for customers seeking updates and will begin to repair lost trust.

And, by the way, ALL companies should take lessons about these hacking crises – not just the HMOs and insurance companies with personal patient medical histories. Not just banks with individuals’ financial data. Not just government agencies with information on covert operations and profiles on criminals and suspects. Virtually every company has data vital to their business and any breach will immediately erode trust.
As of this writing, the FBI says it will be investigating. How do you think LinkedIn is handling this crisis? What other companies who hold mega-tons of data should be checking their crisis response readiness right now?