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How To Ideas from Business Week

One of the more fun magazine reads is the current “How to” issue of Business Week .  There are plenty of short take ideas on how to admit a mistake by an NFL referee, how to talk to a Republican (by a Democrat) or how to talk to a Democrat (by a Republican).

My 3 favorites:

  • How to Manage Creative Talent by Angela Ahrendts, CEO of Burberry.  Angela has insights on blending right and left brain talent.
  • How to Avoid Burnout by Marissa Mayer, VP of Google. Job “rhythm” might be a better term than “balance”. 
  • How to Design an Office, by Denise Cherry, director of design at Studio O+A.  To do it again in our offices, we’d have more open spaces. 

Take a look and let us know what you think.