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Healthcare Conference Tips and Takeaways

Annual medical meetings are where the biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical industries introduce groundbreaking research and techniques, early-stage companies try to secure funding, and new connections lead to business opportunities. With the first big conference, JP Morgan HealthCare Conference, come and gone it’s time to focus on how to shine at upcoming 2017 meetings:

Preparation is keyjpm blog pic 2

  • Set calendar reminders for weeks in advance to begin researching other companies that will be attending, and their products.
  • Identify business development opportunities by selecting events and breakout sessions that will bear the most fruit. Then read up on the topic so you are well informed for conversations with other attendees.
  • If you are presenting, practice, practice, practice with a coach so you don’t miss a beat when the time comes.

 Network with a Purpose

  • Study the attendee list carefully.
  • Reach out by phone or e-mail to people you already know, and ask for introductions or referrals. Use Linkedin if they are connected to one of your targets.
  • Study your prospects in advance so you can make every minute with them count
  • Send a detailed calendar invite for meetings, and when you meet give your target your full attention.

Be organized

  • Some of the larger medical conferences can be overwhelming.
  • The exhibit floor, meeting rooms, event centers, and banquet venues all run together and look the same after a while.
  • Print out the conference layout and map your schedule in advance to save valuable time and energy.

Scope out the Media Presencejpm blog pic

  • Medical conferences draw media seeking interviews with industry leaders and policymakers.
  • Find out which news organizations and reporters will be attending so you can cultivate relationships with those who are specific to your line of business.