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Hashtags and Diamonds are Forever. #AskJPM

One of the most epic failures of social media use occurred this week when JP Morgan scheduled then cancelled a live Twitter Q&A. 
Transparency is a good thing and social media is a great tool to build relationships and listen in on what others are saying about a company and its reputation.  However when you’re a global financial institution that has spent a half billion dollars in litigation, you may want to think twice about a total open forum on Twitter.  Live chats on Facebook allow for some fast filtering of the questions.  Same with a live Twitter Q&A as long as the questions come in via email.  Clearly there needed be more control.  The killer judgment error was creating the #AskJPMhashtag.  That lasts forever and continues to trend.  There are even comedy videos all over YouTubereading many of the tweets.
At CommCore, we believe effective messaging is essential in maintaining corporate reputation.  However companies and organizations need to be mindful on how those messages are delivered.