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Got Social Media Training?

Does your firm have a social media policy in place? If so, are your employees trained on how to actually use social media?  It is one thing to have a policy and another to train your staff on how to use (and NOT use)  social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Too often we read in the news about confidential information posted on social media by employees.
A recent example is from Mercy Hospital in St. Louis. An OB-GYN posted the medical history of one of her patients on Facebook. Although she has since deleted her post, pressure is mounting that she be fired. Similarly, last year in Rhode Island at Westerly Hospital an Emergency Room physician was fired and reprimanded by the state medical board for posting information on Facebook about a trauma patient.

At CommCore when we work with clients for proactive media and reactive crisis planning and response, we advise our clients to implement a social media policy that includes training that is clear and applicable to the specific organization. An example of a great social media policy is from the GAP.
Before you post your next Facebook update or Tweet on social media – think to yourself – would you want this posted on the billboard with bright lights for the world to see when they are driving down the interstate?  If not, it’s best to not post it on social media.