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Glitter, Big Hair and Spandex as Powerful Public Presentation and Communications Tools

At CommCore we always remind our clients that interesting, relevant and – above all – memorable analogies are a staple of strong public presentations. Proper use of anecdotes, 3rd party validations, items from the day’s news, true personal stories – all are “visual” data points that can make the difference between an audience’s eyes glazing over, or a message that sticks.

A recent posting on Ragan’s PR Daily on the do’s and don’ts of public presentations is about as good and amusing an illustration of that as I’ve seen. The author cleverly marries examples and clips of well-known (and sometimes eminently forgettable) hit pop/rock videos of the 80s with the basic techniques of good presentations. Talk about teaching by example; it sure caught MY attention:

The cleverness aside, the author’s points are in line with best practices.

What are some of your standout examples of making publicly-delivered messages memorable?