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Five Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Media Trainer

Media Trainer

Your spokesperson is getting ready for a live TV interview next week. You know the topic.

But is he or she prepared? Can he deliver memorable soundbites that will be quoted? Can she handle challenging Q&A by bridging effectively to key messages?

Before you decide on a media trainer, you need to be certain it’s the right one. We compiled a list of 5 questions you should ask at the onset:

1. Does the media training company have experience in your industry? The more the trainer knows about your industry, the better they can help you frame your story.

2. Do they have teaching experience? Yes, they may have been a reporter, but have they actually taught best practices? You will want a media trainer who has both a journalism background and teaching experience; they are two different skills sets.

3. Does the firm offer off-the-shelf training, or is the program customized to your specific goals? Effective training meets specific client needs and situations, and achieves clearly-stated desired outcomes.

4. What methodologies and techniques do they use? Have they developed their own proven techniques honed over years of experience? What are they?

5.  How long have they been in business? Longevity of a firm reflects success.

What else is important to you? Comment on our blog and share your thoughts!