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Find A Way-It Works

Diana Nyad’s mantra “Find a way” was the inspiration that led to her record-breaking swim from Cuba to Key West.  In her post-swim press conference, Nyad cited examples of her various work-arounds, i.e. the ultimate resiliency.  She kept adjusting her approach and strategies until she finally succeeded last weekend.  One of our favorite examples:   Deadly box jellyfish almost killed her in previous attempts so she found a way by developing a sting resistant swimsuit and facial mask
It might be a little of editorial license to suggest that the “find a way” philosophy works in many aspects of communications.  Media interviews, along with aggressive Q&A from customers and other stakeholders, are not driven by a precise scripts. Of course, you need to prepare, but the questions are never exactly like the FAQ documents.  So the “find a way” approach might be the best uses of bridges and pivots to make sure you score your points.  At CommCore, we don’t take no for an answer.  There is almost always a “way” to score your points.  How you can increase the odds of making the pivot answer the quote we’ll save for another blog.