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Ears Are Everywhere

Loose Lips Sink Ships
The latest dust up in the presidential campaign revolves around a secretly recorded video clip of Mitt Romney during a “private’ campaign appearance.    With almost 130 million smartphones in the USA, all the world’s a stage.  We’re not just singling out one side.  President Obama had a similar hot microphone incident in March with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in South Korea.
Back in my news anchor days, I mistakenly uttered one of those seven dirty words that in the 70’s George Carlin  reminded us we couldn’t say on television.  After that, I treated every microphone as “hot”.  
Even back in the stone-age before cell phones, CommCore has been advising clients to be careful what they say in seemingly private settings.  We know of trade secrets lost because colleagues chatted too loudly at their seats on flights headed to major trade shows.  Competitors are everywhere.