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Don’t Diss The Hand That Feeds You

In a recent interview, Martha Stewart gave her opinion about bloggers. Stewart’s comment that “… they’re not trained editors” is probably not a great way to engage influencers.

Social Media – Blogs and Micro Blogging sites – have changed the media landscape. You don’t have to love them, but CommCore advises clients to at least respect bloggers and avoid a social media backlash. Why?
  1. Bloggers are often closer to consumers – They have a name and a face and have a different – often closer relationship with consumers –than the brands themselves.
  2. Bloggers come with a following – Stewart refers to it as “popularity” but bloggers with a large following are often quite trusted as well as being popular.
  3. Bloggers mobilize quickly – Blogger networks are intricate. They can organize boycotts, create a trending hashtag, and fill your website and social media accounts with comments (positive or negative) in the time it takes to ask Siri a few questions.  They can also activate your Brand perception and increase your sales.