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Dan Edelman: A true pioneer, an enduring partner and a truly inspiring example

I’ve had the privilege to meet Dan a few times during my years at Edelman-NY and fondly remember those “Dan-o-grams” he’d often send.  It is so sad to hear of the
passing of a legend, one of the “fathers of PR.” Obituary.
Another of our senior professionals, Margo Gillespie, “apprenticed” at Edelman as well, which has prepared us both so thoroughly to carry out the good and positive work of public relations.  All of us at CommCore have enjoyed an enduring partnership and wonderful collaboration with the people at Edelman for many years now.  Through the years, Dan has elevated public relations to an essential part of an organization’s ability to succeed. 
Dan was a thoughtful, modest and generous person and that is what inspires us above all.  RIP.
Jerry Doyle
(Edelman Alumna, ’94-’99)