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NY Times Reporters “Pressure Tested” by CommCore

New York Times reporters wanted to experience CommCore’s new breed of crisis simulations, the very same crisis communication training course our clients undergo with our proprietary “Pressure Test.” Today’s corporate crises unfold more quickly than ever, with companies suddenly finding themselves engulfed in criticism and on the defensive. “As these moments ricochet around the web like never before, companies are realizing they don’t have the luxury of calmly sitting back, assessing the situation and then deciding on a solution,” says Sapna Maheshwari, the Times reporter who partook in our simulation alongside her editor Connor Ennis. “They need to be ready before it happens.”

Why create a PR crisis on purpose? Given the speed and cacophony of today’s environment, tossing participants into “a virtual pressure cooker of online outrage and escalating press attention” is a crucial exercise. The Times reported that crisis simulations are nothing new, but ours was exemplary of a “newer breed.” The article underscored the importance of having a crisis communication plan in place, especially in today’s era of digital communications and social media, and in looking to top crisis communications firms like CommCore for best practices.

Crisis Communication Scenarios

The simulation we ran for the Times blended fact and fiction to make their crisis communication scenarios feel realistic, including articles, social media posts, phone calls from angry constituents and pre-recorded videos. “The setup is a bit like ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ for corporate America, where the adventure is in fact a social-media-driven nightmare,” reports the Times. Read the full New York Times article here.

Crisis Communication Training Courses

You can’t prevent crisis from happening, but you can shorten the duration and lessen the impact by doing better preparation. Our clients typically involve a variety of departments in our crisis communication training courses, such as legal, information technology and investor relations. The goal is to train them to work together in the event that a crisis does hit. If you are interested in a crisis communication training course, contact CommCore today.