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Crisis Communications Training: NPR on Our Trademarked “Pressure Test” – Fast, Flexible, Factual

NPR’s “Here & Now” did an interview with CommCore SVP Dale Weiss on the Pressure Test Crisis Communications Training CommCore ran for the New York Times. Listen to the NPR segment here. Corporate crises are nothing new, but in today’s media environment, an issue that once took weeks or months to play out may come to a head in hours.

Given the speed and chaos of today’s crisis communications environment, especially when news goes “viral” and hits the digital press, crisis communications training is more needed than ever.

The NPR piece underscored the importance of having a crisis communication plan in place, because your company can end up in the bullseye – even when you’ve done absolutely nothing wrong. Looking to CommCore for best practices and preemptive crisis communications tactics is becoming the norm.

The simulation we ran for the Times blended fact and fiction, involving key stakeholders to make the crisis communication scenario feel realistic. “Social media happens at the speed of light. Phone calls, knocking on doors, fake news happening, petitions happening – then we compound things with disgruntled employees. It can happen so quickly that you can’t get ahead of it,” says Weiss. “Companies say, ‘oh no, that could never be,’ then six months later see the exact same scenario playing out in real life.”

Read the full New York Times article here.

CommCore trains your team to create a response that is fast, flexible, and factual. “Companies can get stalled or bogged down on how to release a simple statement. By that time, things can get so far ahead of you that it’s impossible to catch up,” says Weiss.

Speed is key when dealing with these emergency communications. CommCore crisis communications trainings enable your team to understand the process better.

Who is the training program for?

  • Executive Management Committee
  • C-Suites and Division Leaders
  • Spokespeople
  • Marketing, Legal, IT, HR, Security, Finance
  • PR, Communications, Investor Relations, Public/Government Affairs
  • Operations

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