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Communication and Emotion: How to Connect

Sabrina Horn’s recent article “Loving Communications: 10 Tips to Humanize Your Brand’s Message,” emphasizes inserting more emotion into marketing campaigns in an age when technology tends to dehumanize communempathy-marketingication.

This is especially true, she says, when mainstream news media coverage of technology increasingly plays up threats from cyber-crime including data breaches, identity theft, and loss of privacy. Why not highlight “the intersection of love and technology” as a marketing campaign counterpoint, she suggests? For example, cybersecurity works to prevent cyber-bullying, and also helps kids build self-esteem.

At CommCore we feel Horn’s tips on “Love Marketing” are somewhat analogous to our WIIFM (“What’s In It For Me?”) approach to Media and Presentation Training. She suggests marketing through emotion and warmth to turn cold technology into your friend; we instruct our clients to create and deliver messages that will turn their self-serving value propositions and dry data proofs into stories and analogies that bring cold facts to life by addressing audience needs.

In both cases demonstrating genuine care and concern in a compelling manner builds a bond with the audience that can help a brand overcome fear and misperceptions, and mitigate crises.