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CommCore’s Top 5 Blogs of 2013

Our top blogs of 2013 gave insight and advice on dealing with Crisis missteps, information leaks, and operational crises. For 2014, two suggestions – one for Crisis prevention, one for reputation enhancement: Reactive: organizations need to shore up brand monitoring and protection, due to the speed with which information can spread across social media. Proactive: storytelling and content creation will continue to be proactive mantras, essential for your essential for your organization’s message and reputation.

by Jerry Doyle
Jerry Doyle reviews the Forbes article about the many useful ways to use storytelling as a strategic leadership tool. 
by Dale Weiss
Dale Weiss looked at the leaked email rant from a University of Maryland sorority sister.  The profane-laced letter quickly went global and became the subject of memes, photos, videos, and other social media chatter.                                                                                         
3.  NFL Should Throw a Penalty Flag at

     Its Crisis Response

     by Andrew Gilman     
      Remember the super bowl? We were all
      literally in the dark as to what caused the
      blackout at the New Orleans Superdome.
by Dale Weiss
A&E got caught in a real dilemma this month, involving one of the highest rated shows on cable.  There is no simple solution to this mess.  
1.  What Pasta Will You Buy This

     by Daiva MacKenzie     
      We created an Infographic to capture
      highlights of the Barilla Pasta crisis. Barilla 

      was one  of many examples in 2013 of the power of social media to turn one misstep into a
      full  blown PR crisis.

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