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CommCore’s Pick of the Top 5 Crises of 2010

The CommCore list of top Crises for 2010 has a few of the obvious candidates, plus one or two that represent a certain type of crisis vs. the biggest news or blog splash. BP would be number 1 in almost every year; The GAP was not on most others. Here’s our analysis and links to some of our earlier postings from 2010:
  1. BP. We were often asked: What could BP have done differently? What did you think of Tony Heyward? What about the ads? In our view, until the Deepwater Horizons well was capped, there was no way that BP was going to be anything but the victim in the crisis. Did they make countless mistakes yes. Is it over; no. Now begin the law suits, including the one by the US Government. Prior CommCore blog postings throughout 2010 on BP

  2. Toyota. Toyota would easily have been the number 1 crisis in any other year. When you are high on the pedestal of perception, and slip can be damaging. Once Toyota slipped it seemed as if the ladder had grease on the rungs and the company kept slipping until hearings had passed and the news cycles could be contained. Will they come back? Probably. Have competitors (who are also producing better cars) made market inroads? Yes. Toyota benefited from the years of deposits in the PR Goodwill Bank Account. We’ll see whether the next generation of car buyers is impacted by this crisis. In the end this was not a Tylenol crisis. Prior CommCore blog postings throughout 2010 on Toyota

  3. Tiger Woods. This was a personal, brand and hubris crisis. It spanned 2009 into 2010 costing him reputation, a family unit and sponsors. Tiger demonstrated how fast one can fall from the pinnacle of the brightest star to becoming radioactive. I can’t say what other celebrities and politicians may have learned from this crisis. Most say, “Well that was Tiger. I wouldn’t do anything quite like that.” Stay tuned for the next celebrity or public figure doing something done. Can advisors anticipate and get out in front? We can only hope. Prior CommCore blog postings throughout 2010 on Tiger Woods

  4. The Gap. The facts: The Gap decided to change its logo and within days, it went back to the one favored by those who protested on line and through the media. We won’t know whether the logo would have stuck over time, or a poll of all Gap customers would have shown approval but “the quick and the vocal” brought about change. We’ll assume that serious folks at The Gap thought about the consequences of the change, conducted research and focus groups and might have had some “spine” to stand by their convictions. This crisis shows how quickly a social media crowd can bring about change. Prior CommCore blog postings throughout 2010 on The Gap
  5. Chickens and Mines. Massey Energy Upper Big River coal mine and Wright County Egg were two disasters and news crushes that represent “regulator” type crises. When disaster strikes and it’s the result of failing to follow rules and procedures, politicians and regulators will jump in with the media to help solve the problem. Whether Wright County Egg was the final tipping point in passing the Food Safety Modernization Act, it clearly got attention from law makers. Prior CommCore blog postings throughout 2010 on Wright County Egg Recall