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CommCore’s Keys to Persuasive Presentations

Blog post by intern Eric Ayala 

Whether you are preparing for a high stakes presentation at an industry trade show, a business pitch to a prospective client or a TED Talk by a senior executive, being passionate (but in control) is a key to being persuasive. Here are some pointers to persuasive presentations that CommCore shares with its clients:

  1. On your call to action, be clear and strong, so the audience feels your passion.
  2. Focus on an issue in a manner that makes the audience feel it is more important to them than to you.
  3. Make your strongest arguments both at the beginning and the end of your presentation.
  4. Bring information to life through storytelling that will “stick” with your audience long after they have forgotten your data points.
  5. Involve your audience by making your presentation as interactive as possible by asking questions and soliciting responses.
  6. Remember that non-verbal communication (eye contact, gestures, body language) is as important as verbal communication (vocal tone, pacing) to persuading an audience. Practice, practice, practice on-camera if possible for review and critique.