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CommCore’s Dale Weiss Quoted in the Wall Street Journal

CommCore SVP, Dale Weiss was recently quoted in the Wall Street Journal’s latest “Crisis of the Week”.

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Dale Weiss, senior vice president, CommCore Consulting Group: “A credibility gap was created w

hen the NBC statement…is announced just hours before the release of the Variety article claiming Mr. Lauer’s long-term pattern of inappropriate behavior. A subsequent employee memo released by NBC News President A

ndy Lack two days later discussed in detail many steps the company is taking to create a safer work environment.

“With many published reports indicating Mr. Lauer’s actions were an open secret, perhaps NBC could have sent most of the memo (without mentioning Mr. Lauer) when the first reports of Harvey Weinstein hit the news. This would have given NBC more credibility in creating awarene

ss of sexual harassment in the workplace. Lawyers may disagree because of legal exposure, but in situations like this the court of public opinion should prevail.

“It’s also all about timing. While all news operations want to be first in reporting a big story, the visual of shock and tears from ‘Today Show’ anchor Savannah Guthrie reading Mr. Lack’s statement could easily have been misinterpreted. What were the optics from viewers seeing this with the volume turned low? NBC could have announced the news via its social media accounts well in advance of the morning programs. This may have offered Lauer’s on-air colleagues time to digest the situation and report it more objectively.”