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CommCore to Address Law Firm General Counsel Roundtable on Crisis Management

Does your law firm have a crisis response plan? Are you prepared should a crisis hit your firm or a client today? What are the three types of crises? These and many other questions will be addressed during an interactive workshop titled “Crisis Case Study and Crisis Planning for Law Firms” at this year’s Law Firm General Counsel Roundtable.

Dale Weiss, Senior Vice President of specialty communications firm CommCore, will present relevant crisis case studies that focus on how social media plays a major role in turning a problem into a full blown crisis, and explain how communicators need to monitor and respond. Co-presenter will be Anthony Davis from Hinshaw & Culbertson.

The program is part of the Legal Management Resources, LLC General Counsel Roundtable in Miami on January 17, 2014.

“A crisis can cause operational and reputational damage to a firm or expose a client to damaging liability” said Weiss. “The keys are preparation and action. Have a detailed crisis plan ready, hold practice simulations to test the plan and identify gaps, and be ready to implement at the first sign of trouble,” he added.

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