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CommCore Helps Government Communicators Practice The Three “F’s” of Crisis

Contact: Stephanie Pischke



WASHINGTON, D.C., JULY 20 , 2017— Government communicators must learn how to navigate their agencies’ communications protocols quickly so they can react effectively in a crisis sitNAGC-360uation. That was the key message from CommCore Senior Vice President Dale Weiss to attendees at the National Association of Government Communicators (NAGC) 2017 Communications School.

“In today’s viral social media-driven world it’s all about the three “Fs” — being Fast, Flexible and Factual, even in a government bureaucracy,” said Weiss. “You may not be able to predict when a crisis at your agency will spread and become viral, but practicing the 3 F’s is more necessary than ever in today’s world of politically-fueled tweets and social media posts.”

Weiss conducted CommCore’s PressureTest™ crisis communication simulation for the group representing various local municipalities, state and federal government agencies.  The simulation teaches participants how to identify various crises and then offers ways to take steps to mitigate the viral damage.  This includes best practice tools and techniques to devise and implement a strategy and tactics to respond.

CommCore’s PressureTest™ Simulation tests an organization’s crisis communications readiness using real-world situations they are likely to face. The program aims to expose vulnerabilities, practice rapid assessment and decision-making by cross-functional crisis teams, and enhances a culture of teamwork in stressful situations.

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