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CommCore CEO Andrew Gilman Quoted in PR News Article on Internal Communications Principles

Andrew Gilman, CEO of CommCore, was quoted in PR News’s article , “3 Internal Communications Principles Steve Harvey Missed in ‘Don’t Talk to Me’ Memo”

Andy Gilman, president and CEO of CommCore Consulting Group in Washington, D.C., who advises communications leaders on crisis management and communications practices both internal and external, lays out three basic internal communications principles Harvey missed when drafting and sending the memo:

  1. Nothing is private in this world. You must assume any memo you send electronically or even as a hard copy will eventually get out to the public.
  1. Watch your tone. How tone-deaf can you be? Harvey’s memo bordered on offensive to his staff. He may be a busy guy—the Ryan Seacrest of 2017, even—but there are better ways to say “Hey guys, can you respect my privacy and my specific needs?”
  1. A second pair of eyes is a must. Have a colleague review all staff communications before they go out. If somebody had checked Harvey’s memo before it was sent, it would have been stopped.