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CommCore CEO, Andrew Gilman Quoted in PR News

CommCore CEO, Andrew Gilman was recently quoted in PR News in the article “Tillerson Disses the Boss: What the Morale Cleanup Might Look Like”

Such a comment can mean many things, of course: The person who uttered it may be frustrated and wants to resign or be fired. Communicators can explain away the comment that way fairly easily: The person who made the comment is a malcontent and wanted out. Says Andy Gilman, president & CEO, CommCore Consulting Group, “Once an employee leaves the company, negative comments might be valid, but they also might be either disparagement or sour grapes.”

Should the person who made the comment leave the organization there’s a school of thought that says you drop the whole affair. “We rarely recommend public spats with former employees. The employer invariably comes out as the loser,” Gilman says. Bottom line for Gilman: “Take the high ground about…comments unless facts, perception and long-term reputation require you to respond.”

On the other hand, when a comment is made about the CEO you need to call the employee into your office and discuss it, Gilman says. You should defend the CEO, he says, “but avoid getting into a verbal sparring contest on social media…use common sense…pick your battles wisely.”