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Cisco Flips-Out

You may have seen the recent news that the Flip video camera is being discontinued by Cisco Systems. The camera – unique when it first came out as a high definition video device – was killed by smart phones.

Consumers basically said why have separate devices when one device can do everything from simple telephone calls, to taking still photos and video, and even now serve as a credit card remote device?

While I understand Cisco’s business decision, as a media trainer and communications coach, I’m bummed. This device has been one of the great advances in training since the advance of video tape. The flip technology allows our trainers to basically point, shoot and playback in a flash.

Some clients still want to see a bulky “broadcast” camera, but most of the time, the flip is all you need.

The Flip was so successful for its brief life that it has become a generic term like Kleenex. We often say, “Do you mind if I use my ‘flip’ to record this interview.” I was looking forward to the next gen Flips, with easier editing and better sound. But alas, smart phones have sent the camera to an early demise. Sure, there are competing products on the market place but I fear that once the Flip goes away, the other manufacturers will lose their love for the device.

Will you miss the flip?