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CEO Andrew Gilman Quoted in The New York Times Article, “United Airlines Passenger Is Dragged From an Overbooked Flight”

CEO Andrew Gilman was quoted in The New York Times article, “United Airlines Passenger Is Dragged From an Overbooked Flight”;

Andrew D. Gilman, the chief executive of CommCore Consulting Group, a crisis communications firm, said the situation would probably make people reconsider whether they wanted to fly United. That could be particularly damaging with business passengers, a lucrative group that is “outraged as much as anybody,” he said.

“As somebody who flies hundreds of thousands of miles, I’m saying, ‘I thought once I was on the plane, it was my seat,’” Mr. Gilman said. “They unfortunately disrupted a number of certainties that people tend to rely upon, so I think it’s a big trust thing.”

Mr. Gilman said the episode was “also going to be really hard on their employees for a while.”

“It’s a hard enough job — high stress, tense people, delays — and now you have people who are suspicious of you,” he said. “How they can communicate that they were sincere and meant well is going to be very challenging.”