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CEO Andrew Gilman Quoted in The Ladders Article, “United debacle: When can employees speak up?”

CommCore CEO Andrew Gilman was quoted in The Ladders article “United debacle: When can employees speak up?” providing analysis on United Airline’s company culture.

Andrew Gilman, President and CEO of CommCore Consulting Group, told Ladders about the nature of the flight industry.

“The airline business has to run on a very command and control structure, much like a military operation…If you don’t have that you won’t be successful.” Gilman added that airlines “need people to do things on time, follow the rules, and it works 99% of the time.”united

…“The harder part of the business or any organization is when and how you can use judgment or other tactics to get the main results,” Gilman told Ladders.

Gilman also referenced the concept of the “Golden Hour,” a medical theory used by R Adams Cowley, MD, of the University of Maryland, which refers to the critical moments for survival following a traumatic injury.

“Right now, United is still in that emergency response mode. First they have to react, then figure out how to repair reputation—this goes for customers and employees,” Gilman told Ladders.

So how long could this firestorm continue?

Gilman told Ladders that he thinks that for the next month, the customers or passengers might think,“What are the chances that I’m gonna be asked to be moved?” when considering United.