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CEO Andrew Gilman Quoted in Talent Economy on Leadership Development

Andrew Gilman was quoted in the Talent Economy article, “Are Leadership Development Programs Worth It” analyzing ROI in relation to companies investing in their employees.Leadership development

Leadership training programs are as effective as both the program and the candidate,” said Andrew Gilman, president and CEO of CommCore Consulting Group, a communications consulting firm based in Washington, D.C. Of course, some company programs are great, but many major companies parted with developing their own talent over time.

In years past, when it was normal for people to work at one company for their entire career, it made sense for companies to invest in their development. However, the job hopping workers of today leave less of an incentive for companies to make an investment in this area. “The individual may get the ROI because of the training, but why invest that if you’re not going to see it at your place?” Gilman said.

As a result, external leadership training and development programs could be more beneficial for individuals. Especially for prestigious programs, the return on investment could come from networking with other participants. For instance, someone could meet a fellow trainee, who could help them land their next job,” Gilman said.