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CEO Andrew Gilman Quoted in New York Times Article on Shopping in a Political Age

NordstromCommCore CEO Andrew Gilman quoted in the NYT article, “Shopping becomes a Political Act in the Trump Era”

“The sharp reaction before and after Nordstrom’s decision — made quietly, with no announcement — highlights the tightrope companies must walk in this hyper-politicized environment.

‘Companies are nervous,’ said Andrew Gilman, chief executive of the crisis communications firm CommCore Consulting Group. ‘I know several companies that have war rooms set up.’

‘They have playbooks on what to do if there is a product recall or if the C.E.O. has a heart attack,’ he added. ‘Now they have a different chapter on how to deal with a tweet from the president.’

Many retailers and brands would clearly prefer to fly below the political radar and stay away from the outrage on Twitter and Facebook.”