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CEO Andrew Gilman in New York Times Article, “Trump Tweet About L. L. Bean Underscores Potential Danger for Brands”

CommCore CEO Andrew Gilman is quoted in yesterday’s New York Times article, “Trump Tweet About L.L. Bean Underscores Potential Danger for Brands“;

Advertisers now must check each day whether they are in Mr. Trump’s “good graces or caught up in the cross hairs,” said Andrew Gilman, chief executive of the crisis communications firm CommCore Consulting Group.

The campaign finance angle made Thursday’s tweet unique, he added, and it could cause marketers to think about how to get a presidential endorsement.

“Is there a quid pro quo in the Trump Twitter world, where if you do something nice for him or give him a donation, that you’re likely to get an endorsement tweet?” he asked. “That’s new stuff.”