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Social Media Lessons From Pro Athletes

We’re not in the business of picking on pro athletes. But it sure appears that some of them are quite good at social media blunders. We can learn from two ill-advised postings over the summer:

observer9Shortly after Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin (aka RGIII) lost his starting job, an intern he hired to manage his social media postings “liked” a posting on Instagram criticizing the football team’s owner. Read more

Don’t Become the Punch Line or the Punching Bag

observer 4.15

Photo Source: NBC News “Today Show”

We don’t usually delve into the political arena, but Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul’s rough campaign kickoff is a reminder to public figures from business and entertainment — as well as politics — that preparation and an even temperament are crucial to effective communication. Read more

Grandma & Third Parties. It’s All About Trust.

Your grandmother was right when she used to say, “Don’t toot your own horn, let others do15.3.2 it.”

That’s even more true in today’s 24/7 world of crisis management.  Third party advocates and spokespersons are experiencing increased influence as a way to build brand reputation and defend it when a crisis hits. Read more