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Assistant Account Manager Position Available in New York Office

CommCore is seeking an Assistant Account Manager for our downtown New York office. The primary responsibilities will be to support senior staff on new business development, client relations, internal and external communications, timeline management, and implementation and management of ongoing client projects. Read more

Andy Quoted in Wall Street Journal on Apple’s Privacy Fight

Andy Gilman compares the FBI’s claim that it needs access to the iPhone involved in the San Bernardino case with Apple’s assertion that the request is unprecedented and endangers privacy. ““Each side has been strong on the ‘3 C’s’–clear, consistent and compelling”, he says. Read more

Andy Gilman Quoted in Ragan on Social Media Hacking

Andy Gilman states: We’re in a world where any aggrieved party or prankster with a keyboard can wreak havoc on an organization.They should already have a message on [Facebook] from their head of communications or their CEO. Read more

CommCore’s Survey Results on Crisis in 2016 as Quoted in Quality Assurance Magazine


“A recent survey conducted by CommCore showed that many industries will continue to be under fire in 2016 and beyond. The survey was titled: “From Tylenol to the Latest Cyber Attacks, 30 Years of Media and Crisis Coaching.” The questions focused on how media and crisis communication prep has changed over time, what have been the biggest influencers of that change, and where we see the future shaping up.”

The entire article can be found in QA magazine. Read more