Case Studies


The Challenge

Novartis, CommCore client since 2002, sought presentation training to prepare its medical specialists to give deliver peer-to-peer talks on cardiovascular disease research and development. Novartis developed the Patient Integrated Learnings (PILs) case-based program, in which specialists in cardiology, nephrology and endocrinology presented the latest medical data to healthcare peers in small group environments. Novartis sought CommCore’s experienced consultants to deliver rigid speaker and facilitation training to coach the physicians for these PILs presentations.

The Strategy

While CommCore’s coaching modules and communication theory are practical and applicable to almost any situation, we focused on rehearsing the specific types of presentations that the physicians faced: complex scientific talks in interactive, small group environments among medical professionals.  CommCore’s workshop included teaching facilitation as well as presentation skills  Our coaching targeted the specific areas of each participants’ presentation including a credible and compelling opener, highlighting key points on a complex slide and preparing for difficult questions.

The Results

CommCore successfully conducted over 250 workshops for Novartis.  We trained over 5,000 physicians in 25 cities.

  • Key opinion leaders delivered and facilitated more clear and compelling talks and discussions that raised the level of care for hypertensive patients.
  • Physicians had a better understanding of the medicines and the benefit/risk profile for patients

Response from physicians:

  • ”This was an excellent informative presentation; the moderator was very effective in getting his point across and was very interesting.”
  • “I truly enjoyed the course; [it was] engaging and friendly. Excellent interaction!”
  • “Much more interesting and focused than the typical speaker presentation skills seminar.” 

CommCore provided: