Case Studies

Global Commercial Bank

The Challenge

The “win rate” for one of the world’s largest retail and commercial bank’s Debt Capital Markets division wasn’t as high as it could be, especially considering that the investment representatives were seasoned, senior executives who had been trained by sales coaches many times in the past. Their proposals, recommendations and “flip books” were best-in-industry, but their presentation was identified as a weak area.

The Strategy

CommCore met with team leaders and probed with specific questions about the team’s baseline presentation skill and delivery style.  CommCore then developed specific recommendations and learning objectives and then tackled the scope of the training since several dozen executives needed to complete the training, none of whom had much time to dedicate to it.  CommCore devised a plan, including a training schedule. We then customized a training format — rolled out as the “CommCore Clinic” – short, focused, intense presentation training modules.


The bank reported higher success rates and more business wins. Executives felt the CommCore Clinic provided valuable coaching, and personally thanked their division head and marketing support for securing it.  Ancillary benefits of the training included:

  • More confidence in presenting and communicating with clients and prospects
  • More clear, concise and focused communication
  • More executives leading prospect pitches, rather than relying on a few divisional “stars”.

CommCore provided: