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CAPping 30 Years in Business: Lessons from an Ongoing Successful Run

CommCore’s 30th anniversary provides an opportunity to reflect on what has made our companya success – starting in a New York City apartment, now with offices in Washington, NY, Dallas, Los Angeles and consulting assignments on all continents except Australia and Antarctica.
Our formula for long-lasting success can be captured in a simple acronym CAP. While the “devil is in the details” for each client engagement, to us at CommCore CAP stands for Client-focus, Adaptability, and People:
  • Client-focus. We imagine all consulting firms will say they are client-focused, as they must be. Client focus has added importance in today’s world of increasing project-based transactions, fewer retainers and long-term contracts, and the revolving door in client executive suites. If you don’t maintain a laser-like eye and ear on your clients’ needs, and provide value-added advice and training, someone else will come in take your place. And yes, relationships matter. We’re proud of client focus and retention – several clients have been with us for 30 years.
  • Adaptability. We started as a media and presentation training firm, with a specialty in crisis communications. We used shoulder-held cameras, editing suites, and VHS and Beta cassettes. Our target media was a known universe of newspapers, radio and TV on fixed deadlines, and presentation forums were in-person speeches. Now we use smartphones and digital flip and web cameras. While the basic best practices of messaging remain similar, we (and our clients) have adapted to engagement with online communities as well as communication with traditional audiences. We have adapted to client requests with PressureTest™ crisis simulations that include social media and cyber-attacks along with leadership development programs.
  • People. We have been blessed with a wonderful cadre of consultants and senior staff with long-term commitments to us and to our clients. Our senior team members average 15 years with CommCore. This ensures the continuity, understanding and personal relationships that build trust, an essential aspect of any successful business. Our consultants not only bring credentials that get them in the door; they also have the ability to coach a CEO or Subject Matter Expert so they are better, clearer and more quotable in their next critical communications.
So, what’s the goal for the next 30 years?  Keep up the good work, and nail those projects in Australia and Antarctica!