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CommCore CEO Andrew Gilman Quoted in PR News Article on Internal Communications Principles

Andrew Gilman, CEO of CommCore, was quoted in PR News’s article , “3 Internal Communications Principles Steve Harvey Missed in ‘Don’t Talk to Me’ Memo”

Andy Gilman, president and CEO of CommCore Consulting Group in Washington, D.C., who advises communications leaders on crisis management and communications practices both internal and external, lays out three basic internal communications principles Harvey missed when drafting and sending the memo:

  1. Nothing is private in this world.
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CEOs and Social Media: A Contradictory Picture

Much has been written about the importance of CEOs engagement with consumers in social media, especially via their Facebook accounts. Yet recent marketing research reveals though companies are increasingly communicating with consumers via social media, many CEOs are still resistant to engage personally:

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  • A recent survey of CEOs by PR firm Weber Shandwick finds that the social media presence of corporate leaders is sporadic.
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CEO Andrew Gilman Quoted in The Ladders Article, “United debacle: When can employees speak up?”

CommCore CEO Andrew Gilman was quoted in The Ladders article “United debacle: When can employees speak up?” providing analysis on United Airline’s company culture.

Andrew Gilman, President and CEO of CommCore Consulting Group, told Ladders about the nature of the flight industry. Read more