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CEO Andrew Gilman Quoted in The New York Times Article, “United Airlines Passenger Is Dragged From an Overbooked Flight”

CEO Andrew Gilman was quoted in The New York Times article, “United Airlines Passenger Is Dragged From an Overbooked Flight”;

Andrew D. Gilman, the chief executive of CommCore Consulting Group, a crisis communications firm, said the situation would probably make people reconsider whether they wanted to fly United. Read more

Are You Prepared For a Cyber Security Crisis?

90+% of corporate executives report they aren’t prepared to handle a major cyber attack, according to a leading I.T. security firm.

Whether you’re a small business concerned about a possible cyber security crisis or a large business continuing to update cyber-communications crisis policies, here are three useful suggestions to start implementing now:

1. Read more

Addressing Employee Concerns, Such As the “Robot Revolution”

By: Max Nelson

A recent highly-publicized study by economists from MIT and Boston University concluded that automation is primarily responsible for American job loss. They claim that over the last 20 years, modern industrialization techniques rather than trade have been the main factor in the erosion of manufacturing jobs. Read more

Handling a Cybersecurity Crisis

Data breaches are a matter of “when,” not “if” they will happen. Recently Saks Fifth Avenue was breached and customers’ personal information was exposed on its website. Other well-known companies like McDonald’s and Forbes, and numerous public figures have been recent victims of Twitter hacks. Read more

Media Relations for Early Phase Biotechs

The most effective public relations strategy is when a company’s leadership is open to discussing when, and when not, to speak with the media.

For early-phase companies, particularly in biotechnology, it is essential to first identify target media, and customize messages to an audience.This is important for biotechs in particular because their target audiences are so varied: investors, business partners, scientific and technological recruits, internal stakeholders such as board members and key staff, and, of course, the media. Read more