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Learning from the first crisis: Don’t make the same mistakes twice

Virginia Tech’s shooting massacre in 2007 changed the way universities and other public institutions respond to crises.  As a result of the slow, manual campus warning system in place on the day a deranged gunman killed 32 people, emergency and crisis response leaders more rapid alert protocols, adding blast texts and emails along with other traditional warnings. Read more

Gaining customers and reputation: #Overthe405?

Kudos to JetBlue for seizing a marketing victory from the jaws of a potential crisis. Just before Los Angeles transportation authorities shut down Interstate 405 (The 405), for 53 hours of repairs, Jet Blue soared onto the scene offering $4 flights from Burbank to Long Beach to bypass the traffic snarl up. 
JetBlue’s social media campaign and use of the “Overthe405” hashtag definitely aided their good will, reputation and marketing. Read more