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What Do Toothbrushes Have To Do With Passwords?

How many cyber-attacks do you think happen every day? What do toothbrushes have to do with Cyber Attacks?

Plenty. Phone security

According to a CBS article: there are over 4,000 cyber-attacks every day, 170  every hour, and nearly three every minute. Read more

New Business Pitch Tips

board-roomPitching your business presents a two-fold opportunity — to differentiate your vision, capabilities and experience from competitors, and to persuade your prospect that you understand their needs and objectives better than anyone else. Read more

The Battle of Analogies: Skittles Trumps Trump

Candymaker OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWrigley responded quickly and appropriately to Donald Trump Jr.’s social media posting comparing Syrian refugees to a bowl of Skittles candy with a few that “would kill you.” As social media backlash to the younger Trump’s comment intensified, Wrigley took the high road, showing its contempt without taking a political side by attacking – or even mentioning — Trump or his campaign.  Read more

Storytelling Helps Make Your Point Stick

Storytelling is in vogue. Communicators want to know how to develop and tell a good story. CommCore teaches that good stories have three elements:  A strong headline or statement, facts that support the headline, and an example, anecdote, analogy or credible third party validator. Read more